Our services

Main scope of our services comprises:

Instrumentation and control services,
Electrical works of up to 1kV,
Electrical works of high and medium voltage,
Measurement and commissioning,
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Our production

Besides services we offer the following devices produced in our facilities:

Central failure signalling device,
Transformer voltage controller,
Automatic power switching system,
Tap change position indicator,
Non-inductive resistor,
Switch redundancy automated systems,
Bus-bars differential protection systems,
Start couple,
Signal relays,
Service cases,
Programmable control system
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Sectors we serve

Ever since its creation Energoaparatura S.A. has been active in the field of power engineering and this profile has remained its core business. With long years of experience in installation works of automation and control instrumentation we also operate in the fuel, chemical, paper, cement, coke and food industries. The successful history and active performance in currently executed contracts make Energoaparatura S.A. a well recognized name on the market of costruction and installation services. 

Our assets

We are particularly proud of three factors we offer to our customers that is:
professional, experienced and creative team,
quality and high standards of contract execution,
principle of putting the needs of our customers first.
Moreover, with well recognized brand name Energoaparatura S.A. also serves international companies as an excellent partner in their efforts of entering the market of Poland.

New fields of our activities

We always look for the new opportunities successfully adjusting our operations to the challenges of transformations and changes in technology and market circumstances. We invite to cooperation all those who are interested in having a reliable partner in such fields as electromobility, renewable energy installations, smart grid solutions. It is one of our corner stone principles to smoothly combine many years of tradition with the challenges of tomorrow.     
We are also ready to extend the network of our links with foreign companies in the following areas:
execution abroad of subcontracts in the fields we are specialized in,
exports of products made by our company,
representation/agency/distribution services for suppliers who offer products/services for power sector/automation and control systems.
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