„We always do our best to make our customers’ satisfaction the source for our own content and to perform in a full harmony with the environment and highest standards”

About Us

„Energoaparatura” S.A. is a company with an established position on the market of specialized construction and installation services. The Company provides comprehensive services in sectors of electricity, electrical power engineering, control and measurement instruments and automation as well as mining.

In its over 60-years-long history, Energoaparatura S.A. has performed over 15 thousand contracts taking part in the construction and modernization of almost all large electrical power and industrial facilities. Since its founding, the Company operates in the power industry, which remains their primary business to this day.

In addition, we operate in the petrochemical, chemical, paper-making, cement and mining industries.

Our strength is determined by experienced technical staff, as well as extensive and modern technical equipment.

The high quality of our services, professionalism, responsibility, qualifications and competences of our employees are confirmed by our Clients in the references provided.

Our head office is located in Katowice together with services dealing with technology, finance and accounting, marketing and logistics, the Electronics Plant, the Measurement and Commissioning Plant, Prefabrication Plant and the Division for Service and Maintenance of Mining Equipment.

We also have technical and logistic departments in Katowice, Gdańsk and Kędzierzyn-Koźle. Mining Equipment Production Plant is situated in Pszów.

The advantage of our company is a highly specialized and experienced staff, thanks to which we are able to manage the tasks assigned to us by our customers.


Mining instruments services
      Mining instruments Contactor starters Transformer ...

Contact us

Contact us

7 Pulaskiego str. 40-273 Katowice, Poland

NIP 634-012-87-07
Regon 271169230
Reception centre
+48 32 72 85 492

+48 32 72 85 410
e-mail : poczta@enap.com.pl
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